Characteristics of Mules

Published: 08th January 2009
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Since mules are a cross between a donkey and a horse they share characteristics of both. Mules are strong animals that have a lot of endurance hence they can easily carry heavy weights. These animals are used for work on farms and pulling wagons. You can learn a lot about your mule by learning about his parents. You can easily buy mules for sale or mule teams for sale depending on your need. While doing so, you must prefer reputable mule breeders. It is good to know some common characteristics of a mule before you buy a mule. Listed below are some common traits of mules.

  • In appearance mules look mostly like a donkey with a short thick head, long ears and thin limbs. Their hooves and coats are strong and they have a strong resistance against diseases.

  • Mules have a strong sense of smell; and due to this, it is very unlikely that they will forget their way back. They can also easily recognize animals through smell; and at times, they also smell water before drinking. Interestingly, mules usually don't drink water from unknown ponds.

  • Mules are smart animals and one need to deal with them carefully as they might also turn down your request. You cannot force mules for any work. But, if you have trained the mule well and know how to handle him, you can easily get your work done.

  • Mules get alert as soon as anything touches them. Like horses mules are quite responsive to touch. They can feel even slightest of touch or pressure. The rider can easily guide them with a light stroke using legs or other gestures.

  • Mules' skin is sensitive and gets cut easily with sharp objects or barb wire. However, they like rubbing themselves against such objects to scratch themselves. At times, they get injured due to this habit.

  • Mules have a perfect hearing ability. Their ears can rotate 180 degrees and usually they rotate in the direction in which they are looking. They are curious to know the cause of the sound and this is why they get distracted from noise easily.

  • Mules don't accept ill treatment and if treated badly they don't behave well too. They are not forgiving but if you develop a good bond with them they can stay with you for many years. It's therefore important that you treat your mule well.

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